Munich is Germany’s third largest city after Berlin and Hamburg. The city has a population of 1.35 million and the Munich Metropolitan Region is home to around 6 million people.

Munich, oh Munich. What shall I say about Munich? I have spent quite a few years there and have shared an intense love-hate relationship with the city. But at the end of the day all I can really say is that it has been really good to me and I am more than grateful for it and perhaps even ever-so-slightly attached to it. I do speak fluent German now, have been a Dirndl model, have gone to Bayern games, met the one and only ‘Kaiser’ Franz Beckenbauer, lived, gone to school, gone to university and worked here. I have had beautiful summer days in the English garden and fun at the Wiesn (Oktoberfest). I’ve met wonderful people here that I am absolutely blessed to know and have in my life – the wonderful Christiana and Mama Sisi, Helge, Felisha, Kamber, Lissi, all my friends from the ESM, the one and only Tom Zee, Kyle, Matt, Steffi, Sandra and Andi R. only to name a very very few. Not to forget ze Boyfriend who I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know if it weren’t for Munich. And most importantly: I learnt to love ze Chermans (zet eez ze Bavarians to me as zey are ze only Chermans I actually can claim to know a beet) just ze way zey are.

Münchener (ze locals) are at ALL times absolutely convinced of Munich being the most wonderful, the most beautiful and amazing city in the whole wide world as this cover article of the city’s wonderfully intellectual and high-class daily ‘Bild Zeitung’ proudly presents:

Ze Wiesn is the world’s biggest beer festival. Ze Oktoberfest is basically just an immense beer-orgy where over 6 million people consume horrendous amounts of beer all day long for sixteen days in a row during late September and early October. It is also the world’s largest fair, and a crucial yearly event important to Bavarian culture, ze locals, ze economy, world peace and everysing in ze universe. Ze world would stop turning and just cease to exist without ze Wiesn.

At Ze Wiesn we like to wear ze lovely Dirndls (girls) and ze Lederhosen (guys):

Munich is of course also known for BMW:

And the English Garden & Isar:

And of course FC Bayern Munich & the Allianz Arena – and the one and only Oliver Kahn:

* Disclaimer: partly not my own photographs.

2 thoughts on “Munich

  1. Hahah this is so funny. I used to live in Munich myself for a few years but now I’m back in Sweden. Just randomly found your blog, nice!

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