Those tricky nose rings – the septum ring…

Hmmmm, septum rings, where do I start on this?

Thinking about them genuinely makes me wonder if I’ve become old and boring…turned into that stale and predictable person I never wanted to become?

I’m a huge fan of tattoos in all shapes, sizes, locations and colours. I love earrings – multiple studs going up an ear are gorgeous. I love the piercings in the top of the ear lobe. I’ve grown up with traditional nose rings in India, have zero issue with them. I do love an eyebrow piercing even if it’s only because it reminds me of my childhood celebrity crush on Drazic from Heartbreak High :D

But the septum ring really is a tricky one to me and I don’t really know why? Surely as a fan of the more traditional nose ring I shouldn’t have any issue with it? Is it because it reminds me of the nose ring on bulls and cows? Maybe I associate septum rings on people with the bull nose rings – a method to control and tame them against their will that looks painful?

Why am I suddenly thinking of septum rings? Two of my favourite colleagues at work have started wearing them…so I’m just trying to decide where I stand/ sit on them.

septum ring from catcircus blog tumblr septum ring tibetan bw

septum ring tribal from etsy pinterest septum ring women of colour


What do you think?

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