Braided Buns – can I do this?

I am the most likely candidate to win an award for “Most Extreme lack of Hair & Beauty Skills” if there were such a thing…I see so much awesome stuff on Pinterest that I wish I could do but I just know I’m way too incompetent for…like for example: the braided bun.

How perfect is this hairstyle for the summer?! I love a good bun, keep the hair out of your face and your neck when its all too hot and sweaty – I can just about work a hair donut into a bun (I practiced this quite a lot last year and actually was alright at it in the end) but I think the braided buns require too much skill…so here are some inspirations and tutorials from Pinterest to get me started (the super messy one in the bottom left is my favourite!):

braided bun backwards plait braided bun casual

braided bun elaborate braided bun tutorial messy sideways braided bun side braided bun tutorial


What do you think?

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