Taxidermy anyone?

I love jewellery. I have a lot of jewellery.

A lot of this lot of jewellery consists of skulls, claws, teeth, nails – all cast in various precious metals. I don’t know why but I love it. This bizarrely does not go with having been a vegetarian for 25 years – I loved my bone and skull jewellery way back then too. And yes I wear fur too – but only vintage dahling, couldn’t possibly afford a new one and don’t really want one either – I love the idea of the history, the romance, the nostalgia that comes with a vintage fur.

Combing my love for bones, skulls, claws and fur – I have also always been fascinated by stuffed animals – there is an amazing little taxidermy shop on Upper Street in Islington called GetStuffed that always warrants a stop and peek. It is stunning!

Which brings is to the wonderful world of Taxidermy. Morbid? Maybe. Victorian? Perhaps. Creepy? Potentially. Gross? Very likely.

So today I am going to be spending a few hours at a Taxidermy Workshop in Hackney in East London trying to stuff a mouse. Not mine, they are giving me one.

Fingers crossed?




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