Attempting the healthy living

For reasons unknown to even myself I every now and then get a burst of the need to go OTT on the healthy living – you know, the whole “you are what you eat” side of it mainly – along with the burst of trips to the gym, doing my Tracy Anderson method videos and Jillian Micheals videos AND some X-tend Barre video thrown in for good measure because why not…

The X-tend ballet barre fitness is one that looks very easy but just do the whole video workout for an hour and feel the burn – here is a tiny little taster snippet from the video that I follow:

My idea (in my head) is that Jillian and Tracy help me burn the calories and the elegant ladies from Acacia help me tone and chisel…with some more help from Tracy on the tightening as well…

Because no matter what anyone tells you – there is NO miracle diet, there is no quick fix, the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than your take in – that IS IT. And at the same time you also need to focus on what and how you are consuming – no processed foods, the right balance of proteins and carbs and cut the sugar and alcohol. This is the ONLY way, there simply is no miracle fix – anyone who says anything different is lying to you – and I told you so, don’t ever forget. 

So right now we are going through exactly one of those phases, and this means that my dinner tonight consists of the very exciting:

– rye and sunflower seed toast with 4 scrambled eggs (with fresh chillies straight from my garden)

– a juice of: 2 apple, a thick slice of pineapple, 1 freshly squeezed lemon and 2 handfuls of spinach with added wheatgrass and spirulina powder (1 teaspoon each)

– added supplements: 1x Immunace Extra & 1 sachet of Optibac Probiotics for the tummy

So what do all of these do?

Scrambled Eggs: from a fitness standpoint, they’re one of the perfect foods: It’s an encapsulated source of very high-quality protein and very high-quality fat – you can have them boiled as well, but I just like them scrambled!

Rye & Sunflower bread: rye bread keeps you feeling full longer and curbs your appetite, is full of healthy fibre, is apparently good for hormonal balance in women and helps fight diabetes 2, breast cancer, colon cancer, gallstones and reduces cholesterol – the sunflower side of things adds selenium and magnesium that are good against cancer (again) and good for your skin and joints – win win all around?!

Wheatgrass: for some people the jury is still out on wheatgrass, but supporters believe it helps cleanse blood, increase metabolism, increases red blood cell count and helps cleanse the liver and thyroid as well

Spirulina: another one that people seem to love to disagree on – here its supporters believe that this super algae is chock full of protein, calcium and all the vitamins from A to D

Immunace Extra: I am one of those people who can catch a cold from someone else sneezing a mile away, so just playing it safe and throwing this one in

Optibac Probiotics for gut: as I also suffer from bouts of IBS (I say bouts as sometimes the flare-ups are worse than other times but yes it is always there lurking in the background waiting for me to eat one “wrong” thing) I’m trying out this new probiotic which claims to improve digestion and reduce bloating, help with digestion on the whole

apple spinach juice with pineapple naturya spirulina powder naturya wheatgrass powder

scrambled eggs rye bread with seeds


What do you think?

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