Only God Forgives – by Nicolas Winding Refn

Last Sunday I went to the wonderful cinema Hackney Picturehouse with my dear friend Eli to watch Ryan Gosling in “Only God Forgives“.


It is a weird combination of extreme violence and trying to be extremely arty. Does it work? I’m not sure.

It’s the kind of shit I really love, but something tells me most people probably won’t really like it? I loved it – I love Refn’s style and work.

I personally like a lot of Danish film and also TV productions, so not sure if I’m just used to this general direction in general maybe – the long silences, grumpy and minimal dialogue, graphic violence. You can definitely tell this is the same director as Drive – only he’s “escalated” since then?

If you liked the soundtrack of Drive you will most definitely love the soundtrack on this movie. Like I did.

Absolutely fucking fabulous though is Kristin Scott Thomas – she is perfect. Fact.


only god forgives with kristin scott thomas only god forgives with kristin scott thomas ryan gosling movie only_god_forgives_movie_poster_top_movies_2013 only-god-forgives-ryan-gosling


What do you think?

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