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So this weekend I schlepped myself over to a Bikram Yoga class. Long overdue and much needed. Whenever I do go to Bikram Yoga in London, I feel SO much better after and always tell myself I should go again. I genuinely feel cleansed and detoxified. Only problem is there isn’t really one near my house or near my work (though apparently there is a Bikram Yoga Soho and also a Bikram Yoga London Bridge? Neither close but potentially do-able maybe?) and the times of the classes aren’t exactly very convenient either. So getting a class in on Saturday morning was really really good!

I go to the Bikram Yoga City near Old Street tube station – it is on a side street called Vestry Street. The studio is in a basement there. There is only one main studio and it’s usually very tight for space – the class on Saturday was totally packed. In general hot yoga in London seems to be very popular but I’ve only ever gone to the “original” chain of Bikram Yoga studios in London.

And as I suppose comes with the general nature of hot yoga the room is always extremely sweaty and stuffy. Walking in to the studio always gives me flashbacks of that moment when the plane touches down and you get off the plane into the open humidity of Bombay Airport. Boom, it just hits you in the face. The heat, the humidity and the combined smell of the sweats and body scents of hundreds of people all mixed together.

I really really wish there was a newer studio opening up near my place or even near work and I would love to go much more often.

Bikram Yoga consists of 26 poses or postures. Each posture is practiced twice in a row. It is upto you how strong you make your poses and you gradually build strength and flexibility as you go to classes regularly – I can now do poses that seemed impossible to me during my first few classes and now I feel a great sense of achievement when I do them relatively easily :)

26 poses of bikram yoga

These 26 yoga postures of Bikram Yoga are practiced in a heated room at usually 40°C with a humidity of 40% – this is one of the reasons I do Bikram Yoga instead of “normal” yoga. When you practice in this heated humid room your muscles and joints are warmed up much better and risk of injury is less. The insane amounts that you sweat are also supposed to be extremely detoxifying – before Bikram I didn’t even know it was physically possible for me to sweat this much! And it definitely makes you drink up the fastest 2 litres of water you ever drank – which cleanses you out and detoxifies in itself.

So if you’re considering it but you’re feeling hesitant, I suggest you definitely give it a go. I’m most definitely not a hairy armpit treehugging freak either (and yes there are usually a few of those in every class) and I’m not a super flexible person either (far from really) and yes I was very skeptical at first too – but I’ve just kept going back because it just feels so fucking good.

challenge change quote bikram yoga

And yes, it’s really wank that that person who put the quote on the image before can’t get your/ you’re right – hence I’ve only added it as a thumbnail, I couldn’t handle having it in my blog in full size. UGH.

never too late bikram yoga quote  bikran yoga 20 postures


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