Payday! What’s on my jewellery wishlist?

As we all know very well by now, I shop way too much and really am incapable of savings of any sort – my weak spots being shoes, jewellery (especially of the gold variety – that’s the Asian in me that can’t be suppressed) and festival/concert tickets.

So whoop! it’s payday and I’m going to treat myself. April has been a bit of a bitch of a month anyway, so I really do think I deserve a little pick-me-up…don’t we all? Gold is after all never ever a bad idea, ever :)

So what have we got on our jewellery wishlist…let’s have a browse, here we go:

pearl of london ring by tessa metcalfe on boticca

I have the pearl clutching claw pendant that comes with this – and it’s one of my absolute favourites and I wear it almost everyday – so it only makes complete logical sense that I should also have the ring that goes with it. Right?

amazone family bracelet by petits tresors on boticca

This comes in a combination of gold and black leather cord – black and gold being my all time permanent fave combo. And with 4 names engraved on it, I can carry my family with me everywhere I go – perfect!

baroque earrings with pearl drop by eina ahluwalia on boticca

And last but not least – yet another piece of Eina Ahluwalia’s gorgeous work on my wishlist – I simply cannot get enough of Eina’s work – I already have two of her necklaces and two of her amazing gorgeous statement earrings in my personal collection and absolutely LOVE them! You can never go wrong with some Eina!


What do you think?

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