I bought a pair of jeans…

Now, to most people this is just really not interesting at all.

But in my case this is a really significant purchase – I have not worn jeans in about 4 years now!

I went through a phase of putting on a lot of weight – I went from being only 48 kgs to a whopping 69 kgs – which meant that there was just no way in hell that I was ever going to fit into my many many size zero clothes anymore. I’m not quite sure how, when or why I put on so much weight, but it happened.

A bit of background on this: I used to be a UK size 4 in 2008 and went to size 12 in 2011.

It was during this phase that my entire wardrobe was reduced to plain black jersey – anything that stretched A LOT basically. Out went all the jeans and all the fitted skirts, and in came the hundreds of very forgiving and stretching black leggings. Now in 2013 I’m a small size 10 and my final goal is to be a size 8.

I have black leggings in every variation and styleleather leggings, lace leggings, leggings with coloured inserts, mesh inserts – you name it, I have it. I am the queen of the legging department.

SO anyway, back to denim – last month I bought my first pair of jeans in years. Feeling somewhat over optimistic I bought them in a size 8 and when they arrived they caused a lot of upset and the odd tear and tantrum as they did not allow enough room for my still significant behind to squeeze into – so yes they had to be sent back and re-ordered in a size 10.

And yes, I pretty much only shop online – stores stress me out. Bad lighting and dirty changing rooms, curtains and doors that don’t close properly, annoying store staff that either don’t give a shit at all or give too much a shit and are annoying as fuck, all the other customers, queuing for everything  – it’s just way too stressful. So I only shop online.


Back to the jeans – the size 10 are a perfect fit. They are comfortable, great fit, a beautiful dark blue wash, great cut and super soft – and only cost me £28. The pleasures of having a premium account at ASOS also allow me to get free next day delivery on all my orders and free returns.

Here are few awesome skinny jeans from ASOS for £28 (the pair on the right is the one that I bought) – click on the picture to go to ASOS:

buy asos skinny jeans in blue black  buy skinny jeans blue online asos


I personally prefer the dark blue/ indigo/ blue black wash – but don’t let me hold you back, here are some more great options- click on the picture to go to ASOS:

buy asos skinny jeans pine green   buy asos team skinny jeans

And then there’s the range of boyfriend jeans that I’m potentially also considering – I’ve always been a skinny jeans type of girl and never ever considered wearing slouchy boyfriend jeans, but maybe this summer? They do look super comfortable? Click on the picture to go to ASOS:

buy asos boyfriend jeans online ripped denim boyfriend   buy boyfriend jeans asos saxby online ripped jeans



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