The Great Gatsby – the latest trailer

With May just around the corner, it’s soon time for the movie I’ve been waiting for since this time last year pretty much…the one and only “The Great Gatsby“.

It is set to be releasing in cinemas across the USA on the 10th of May and across the UK on Friday the 17th of May – it’s almost Gatsby time!!

Baz Luhrmann always delivers. He just does. Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet.

Baz knows how to give you a big fucking blast of a show. He goes all out.

To get us all warmed up and ready for a summer of roaring twenties, a very suave Leonardo DiCaprio in action, gorgeous long pearl chains, feather headbands and drop-waisted flapper dresses…here is the latest Great Gatsby video…

Featuring a giant block of ice and an ice pick.

Just in case we got too hot and need to be cooled down.



One thought on “The Great Gatsby – the latest trailer

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