Movie Flashback: Flashbacks Of A Fool (with Daniel Craig)

Now when people think Daniel Craig they immediately think James Bond. And then their either love or hate.

There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to opinions on Daniel Craig as James Bond. Me? I love him as James Bond, I think he brings a dark broody side to Bond that actually makes me like him more, it makes him more human, its less the superficial Mr.Slick that Pierce Brosnan delivered (which was also done to perfection). And yes I am too young to remember James Bond really really before Pierce Brosnan – yes I know Roger Moore was amazing and I know Sean Connery was the best ever. But I have been told that, I have never lived it and loved it myself personally. To me it’s always been Pierce. And now Daniel. End of story.

Anyway, forgetting about James Bond for now, the reason I love Daniel Craig already might be because of Layer Cake and especially because of “Flashbacks Of A Fool“.

For some reason this movie and his role and performance in this movie have really really stuck with me and made me appreciate Daniel Craig way before James Bond times.

“Don’t you have any philosophies in life apart from self indulgence?”

Not seen Flashbacks of a Fool you say? Well not many/ enough people seem to have.

So log on to your NetFlix, go on to Amazon – wherever it is you get your movie fix from and watch it.


“When I was a child I used to think that being brave meant that you had to take ownership. That to have a dream and to move forward in life you needed courage. But the only thing you need courage for is for standing still.”

flashbacks of a fool daniel craig movie poster


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