Holland – where male models advertise lingerie for women :)

You may think I’m joking or being sarcastic when I say this – but my heart actually swells with pride when I see things like this, things where my beloved home country blurs the lines of what is “normal” and “acceptable” and makes people look at things differently. Awesome.

If you know Holland, you know HEMA, and then you also know they are insanely boring and non-controversial. For HEMA to have done this back in 2011 is actually amazing. Stop trying to fit everyone into set stereotype rules and patterns and boxes. Throw out those boxes.







One thought on “Holland – where male models advertise lingerie for women :)

  1. We known about Andrej here is the states for quite some time, he is every cross dressers hero.
    I don’t think we could get away with this sort of ad campaign or that the corporations here would take that chance. True GG’s tend to be quite stuffy about invading there womanly spaces. It would be nice though, if something like this happened in the states, it would open some eyes and show those who are unfashionable, they better dress nicer!!! If a generic male can look this good, look out girls, he’s dressed better than you! OMG!

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