No asshole, your attention is not a compliment…

One thing that guys always seem to do that never ceases to annoy the shit out of me is that they somehow automatically assume that their time/ attention is always desired….no asshole, just because you have a penis does not mean that your attention is desirable by default. No, this also doesn’t mean that you offering to take me out for dinner because you just assume I would want this is a compliment. It’s a bloody insult.
And I clearly have trouble hiding this sentiment when my friends tell me about conversations with guys going down this route…
FRIEND: hehe i love my job sometimes….just got a diner invitation from the N guy if I can do him a promotion for a good price
FRIEND: naughty
MOI: going for dinner with him?
MOI: eeeuww
FRIEND: hehe
MOI: thats disgusting
FRIEND: he was joking
MOI: I find it offensive
FRIEND: we were joking around
MOI: like he assumes that going for dinner with him is something desirable
MOI: typical man
MOI: full of ego
FRIEND: oh you, u’r funny

What do you think?

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