Ach, where does life (London) take us?

And it’s now been almost 6 years that I’ve been living in this glorious city of London. I never knew or thought I’d be able to love a place as much as this. A love-hate relationship that has turned into a love-love relationship really. Who would’ve possibly thought?! From the insane boyfriend who I walked in on cheating on me, jobs that I have hated, flats and flatmates that have turned out to be absolute nightmares, it hasn’t always been a treat but the pleasure of hindsight allows me to look back and declare nothing but true undying love for this Mother of all Cities that has made me who I am today.

I have come to the point that right now in my life I couldn’t possibly imagine living anywhere else, I never thought I’d be able to ever feel at home anywhere as much as I do here. I love London dearly and passionately and will instantaneously and without hesitation launch into a fiery debate in defence of my city with anyone who dares even think of disrespecting it in any way…

there is in london all that life can afford london quotes


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