The best electro festivals in The Netherlands?

This year I went to the Sonar Festival 2012 in Barcelona again  – and it was awesome as always (of course), but for the new year I’m thinking of exploring some new festivals maybe? Which ones am I considering? I’m actually I need to pay my due respect to the Motherland – both my own personal Motherland as well as the Motherland of awesome techno – The Netherlands (obviously!)…

Here is a little selection of techno festivals in The Netherlands – eat your heart out world! The Dutch know how to techno like no one else – Go Nederland!

Lovelands Festival in Amsterdam

Pacha Festival in Amsterdam

Awakenings  at the Gashouder, Amsterdam – “DE techno organisatie van Nederland” – need I say more?

Ultrasonic Festival in Utrecht

Decibel Festival in Beekse Bergen Hilvarenbeek

Dance Valley Festival in Spaarnwoude

Symphonica Electronica Festival in Utrecht

Zomerkriebels Festival in Utrecht

Last but not least – the world famous Sensations White in Amsterdam


What do you think?

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