William Klein & Daido Moriyama at the Tate Modern

One of my favourite places in London is without any doubt whatsoever the the Tate Modern gallery. I can’t remember how many times I have been. They have an amazing permanent selection of work as well as the most fabulous exhibitions. My favourite permanent pieces are the Joseph Beuys pieces and my last favourite exhibition was Miro (but perhaps that was because of the company I had at the time?) – fabulous curation of Miro’s entire lifetime’s work.

On Saturday I went to see their current exhibition of William Klein and Daido Moriyama’s work. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

william klein and daido moriyama at the tate modern

What better than looking at striking urban works of my two other favourite cities (bar Tel Aviv of course) in my most favourite city of all? New York City and Tokyo in London. Bring it on. Bring me more.

William Klein originally trained as a painter but he soon moved on to photography and achieved widespread fame as a fashion photographer for Vogue and for his photo essays on various cities. His beautiful street life photography of NYC, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo through the decades is mesmerizing.

Daido Moriyama trained as a photographer and is famous for his extremely urban and industrial depiction of modern Japan showing the darker sides of urban life and unseen parts of his city with a heavy focus on high contrast, grainy, black and white photographs within the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, often shot from odd angles.

The exhibition is still on until the 20th of January and something tells me I will be going to see it again – very soon.

daido moriyama ominato at the tate modern london

william klein candy store new york photography tate modern london


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