The beauty of the human body

I used to be so anti-gym a few years ago I almost don’t recognise myself. Nowadays I love going to the gym, it makes me feel better, it makes me feel good, it makes me feel more calm within myself.

I really started working out last year when I went through my “fat phase” and I was so unhappy with myself that I cried when I looked in the mirror when getting dressed in the morning. It started as a need to lose weight so I would like what I saw in the mirror, I lost a full 10 kgs in the past year and am now happier with my mirror and its much more about how it makes me feel – I sleep better and feel better at work, I have more energy as well – all thanks to going to the gym. It clears my head and helps me think straight.

It has also helped me respect, admire and appreciate a beautiful body when I see when, because I actually know how much hard work goes into it, how much discipline and dedication, how much sacrifice.

Dancers have amazing bodies, strong, beautiful and flexible – always an inspiration when I go to the gym. Their bodies are sculptures, moving works of art that have been chiselled over time with dedication and sacrifice. Much respect to be had.



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