The Moon…

pingvellir nature iceland reserve

Vast open spaces.

Neverending fields of lava and moss.

Towering dark mountains against the horizon.

Steam rising from the earth.

Black soil against bright green moss, beautiful red autumn leaves on the bushes.

Clear blue skies.

Welcome to the middle of nowhere.

Welcome to Iceland.

tingvellir valley iceland

Iceland is where you are slapped in the face with the overwhelming realisation that Mother Nature kicks ass. Being human feels so small and insignificant. You realise you are nothing but a tiny speck in this huge vast open space and you love it. You love giving in to nature and realising with your full heart and soul how unbelievably powerful and beautiful she is and how unbelievably blessed you are to be able to realise this.

I have always been and still am a city girl. I’m the one who refuses to camp because a tent is not my idea of a house. Any place where I cannot find a socket to plug in my hair straighteners is not worth considering an abode of any sort. This has always been how I am. But Iceland was different.

My love and appreciation of nature and being outdoors anywhere that is not 30 degrees and white sand beaches probably first started about two years ago when I decided to learn how to ride a horse because I was going to Argentina. This surprisingly turned into a lovely hobby and I’ve continued horse riding since. When I am on horse back outdoors I feel free and fresh, my brain clears itself. Being on the gentle giant that is a beautiful horse, a beast so strong and powerful it could easily crush me or kill me but it doesn’t and it listens to me patiently and does everything I ask for – such a beautiful experience.

Packing for Iceland last week was a different packing than I have ever done before – usually my luggage involves a lot of dresses, high heels and a TON of jewellery, this time none of that. It was all hiking boots, thick wool sweaters and fleece jumpers, hats, thick socks and gloves. Only 2 pairs of shoes – hiking boots and flat black leather boots. No jewellery. This was a whole new me. Me by myself in nature with no make up and no jewellery.

No hair straighteners.

gullfoss iceland nature

gullfoss waterfall iceland

tingvellir nature iceland outdoors




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