My new accessory – the 70’s turban

I just got back from Portobello Market – wandering the stalls with my best friend and soulmate Tasha – she wanted to get a white fur jacket. Obviously I never say no to fur shopping or to Portobello. It was also perfect to go test my brand new lomo camera – the Diana F+, so all perfect perfect!

I ended up buying a white rabbit fur coat for myself as well (in addition to her buying hers that is) – which I’m so in love with – much lighter than my beloved fox, so its ideal for the in-between months of March and April when the fox is too big and heavy.

Anyway, besides all that – the point of this post is my brand new accessory that I picked up as well this afternoon – my brand new Turban.

So yes – this is kind of the look I’m going for: turban + fur coat = exactly my kind of thing!

70's turban retro fashion accessory

AND then I come home and have the ELLE magazine season’s runway report lying on my table and see that the turban is apparently going to be a big trend for spring/ summer 2011 – booyah, I’m just a natural born trend setter :)

70's turban trend in summer 2011


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