I went to Body Combat – POW!

Last week I tried out a new fitness class (ie. new for me) called Body Combat that I’ve watched other people do over the past years but never tried myself – I’ve been quite scared of it, but decided my jiggly bits are reaching a whole new level of jiggle that requires drastic measures…

AND wowsers, it is so full on! This body combat class really showed how terribly, insanely, disgustingly out of shape I really am – pow pow all the way! I really pushed it and thought I was going to be sick and needed to throw up halfway through the class…luckily I didn’t!

Here’s a little breakdown of all the different classes gyms tend to normally do – I have only done Body Pump (quite a few times) and now Body Combat – but thinking of trying out the Body Attack as well maybe – I’m going to keep doing Body Combat until I get really good at it FFS!

body pump body combat bosy attack RPM


What Maisie Knew (2012)

About a week ago I watched a movie that really really got under my skin. The only reason I watched it was because it kept showing up on my Netflix recommendations over and over and I thought if I just watched it then it would stop showing up.

WOW. Ultimate cry-my-eyes-out-bawl-fest that turned out to be.

There was just SO MUCH in this movie that just reminded me of different parts of my own life and my childhood I was completely emotionally blown away – I spent at least a solid hour bawling my eyes out without really knowing exactly why. Being schlepped around to parents’ work, having complete strangers watch over me, my parents constantly forgetting to pick me up from school, making my own food at age 6, parents fighting, parents going away far for long periods of time, being used as a pawn between parents…the list goes on. BOOM. POW. BAWL.

Top Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2015

It’s time for spring-summer 2015 again and looking at the trends for the season I’m actually pleasantly surprised.

EVERY SINGLE YEAR there are a few regulars that appear over and over and over again (maybe under a slightly different name, but we can see through that!) – being the “nautical” and the “luxury boho”. Also a regular for summers is “fringe” which ties in conveniently with the ever-returning boho/ hippie/ 70s/ beatnik, they are co-dependent really. A third regular which is maybe not as recurring is the “Khaki” (as it’s called this year) – which also tends to try disguise itself under the names: military, utilitarian and safari.

Here is “Khaki/ military/ safari” for you – also a great alternative from the preppy nautical people who are too scared to venture too far out of their comfort zone of blazers and chinos:

spring summer 2015 trend khaki carine roitfeld spring summer 2015 trend khaki ferragamo from stylebistro spring summer 2015 trend khaki luvrumcake

So every summer, we split into “nautical” for the preppy, clean, slick and more mature amongst us while the ones that think they are the free-spirited, tree-hugging bohemians and ever-young opt for the “boho”. Rinse and Repeat. Rewind and Repeat.

Here we have some examples of the “nautical” uniform: think preppy, blue-white combo, stripes, boat shoes, white chinos/ jeans (vom vom vom)…you get the drift.

spring summer 2015 trend nautical 01 spring summer 2015 trend nautical 02 spring summer 2015 trend nautical 03

Here we have some examples of the “boho/ hippie” uniform: think patchwork, lots of beads, ohm symbols, fringe, splashes of colour, long flowing fabrics, “ethnic” prints,  turquoise silver jewellery…yes I do know this one particularly well :D

spring summer 2015 trend boho hippie gypsy 01 spring summer 2015 trend boho hippie gypsy 02 spring summer 2015 trend boho hippie gypsy 03

BUT – also this spring summer 2015 we have a few trends that could be quite fun actually! I expect they won’t be as popular as the regular suspects (merely because you can just unpack your stuff from last year for the regulars) but they are a welcome change into the mix, my favourites:

  • White Lace (ties in very closely with the boho/ hippie – so you might have some white lace bits from last year that can be recycled?)

spring summer 2015 trend white lace 01 spring summer 2015 trend white lace 02 spring summer 2015 trend white lace 03

  • Metallics (I do love a splash of gold – any excuse to crack out the gold trousers!)

spring summer 2015 trend metallic 03 spring summer 2015 trend metallic 01 spring summer 2015 trend metallic 02

  • Jumpsuits (I’m not the biggest fan as they always make your bum look saggy and going for a pee is such a mission – but again, I have an awesome bronze sequin jumpsuit that’s waiting to be cracked out – AND jumpsuits can easily be boho/ nautical/ khaki – anything you want really?)

spring summer 2015 trend jumpsuit 03 periwinkle spring summer 2015 trend jumpsuit 01 spring summer 2015 trend jumpsuit 02 bcbg

  • Ballerina (this is not one for me personally though I do LOVE a good tutu skirt, but I could very much imagine it would look lovely on other people – AND it’s really just tacking a new name on those pastel bits that you’ve got lying around from last summer isn’t it? I don’t really wear pastels but a lot of people do!)

spring summer 2015 trend ballerina 01 tutu skirt spring summer 2015 trend ballerina 02 spring summer 2015 trend ballerina 03

And BOOM – that’s all from me on the spring-summer trends this year – quite a lot of it re-hashed from every year, but a few cute new ones – and all really easy to pull off, follow my instagram if you’d like to see my pathetic attempts at pulling off any of these ;)